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Zenki (鬼神童子ZENKI) is a Japanese anime series produced by Studio Deen and based on the manga Kishin Doji Zenki. The series focuses on a demon guardian spirit named Zenki and a girl named Chiaki Enno and their continuous struggle against the forces of the evil Karuma.

Episode 5 "Tastes Like Fresh Zenki" Edit

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In episode 5 of the series, Zenki and Chiaki battle Ikaku, an Evil Beast that has possessed the body of Chiaki's gluttonous school principal and threatens to eat several of the students and staff. Chiaki transforms Zenki into his powerful "adult" form so that he can battle Ikaku. However, not wanting Chiaki to be able to revert him back to his "child" form, Zenki grabs Chiaki and feeds her to the monster. Ikaku catches her in his mouth and swallows her whole, complimenting her taste.

Shortly afterwards, Zenki is enveloped in an aura of light and transported inside Ikaku's stomach. Ikaku bemoans the taste, saying Zenki is the worst thing he has ever eaten. Inside Ikaku's stomach, Zenki meets back up with Chiaki who explains that she was able to summon him with her bracelet.

As they are showered with Ikaku's digestive juices, Zenki and Chiaki realize they must attack his weak point, which is located inside his stomach. Zenki locates and attacks the weak point, which destroys Ikaku and releases Zenki and Chiaki from his stomach.

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