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(遊☆戯☆王) is a Japanese anime series produced by Studio Gallop. It is an animated adaptation of Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It tells the story of Yugi Mutou, a young boy who inherits a mystical puzzle that contains the soul of an ancient pharaoh and battles evil forces through a card game called Duel Monsters.

Episode 192 Edit

Yu-Gi-Oh - Forest Wolf

Yu-Gi-Oh - Forest Wolf

Predator Edit

  • Forest Wolf

Prey Edit

  • Fire Princess
  • Luster Dragon 2

Scenario Edit

During the KC Grand Prix story arc, Rebecca, a friend of the main character Yugi Mutou, takes part in the titular KC Grand Prix tournament and duels against Leon, another contender in the tournament. The tournament is based around the contenders playing Duel Monsters card game against one another, which involves them battling with their "monsters", which are visually projected through holograms.

In episode 192, Leon summons a monster known as Forest Wolf. He commands Forest Wolf to "destroy" Rebecca's Fire Princess. The Forest Wolf does so by pouncing on the Fire Princess and swallowing her whole.

The Fire Princess is later spit out and released from the Forest Wolf when Rebecca uses another card to destroy it.

Leon later re-summons the Forest Wolf and commands it to destroy Rebecca's Luster Dragon 2. The Forest Wolf takes a deep breath and inhales the Luster Dragon 2, swallowing it whole as well.

Luster Dragon 2 breaks free from the Forest Wolf after Rebecca uses another card to destroy it.

Notes Edit

  • Since the prey in this scenario (and predator for that matter) are not technically alive, even in the context of the show, the question of fatality is a moot point.