Xander Bly is a character from the American live action series Power Rangers Mystic Force and a member of the Power Rangers, serving as the Green Ranger.

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In episode 3 of Power Rangers Mystic Force Mucor was summoned by Morticon to destroy the Rangers, he was enlarged and sent to the surface world by Koragg. Once on the surface world, Necrolai fed him the captured Red, Green, and Blue Rangers. The Yellow and Pink Rangers soon came to their friend's rescue. The Pink Ranger used her Mystic Wings and Fairy Dust to cause Mucor to sneeze out the captured Rangers. Yellow Ranger then used his Magi Staff Crossbow to fire lasers at the beast. However, Mucor wasn't finished yet and began to attack the Rangers. The Rangers then were able to morph into their Mystic Titan Forms, and by working together, they destroyed Mucor with the Sprite's Mystic Ball Attack.

In episode 26 of Power Rangers Mystic Force, Xander, along with Charlie, Madison, and Daggeron, battle Serpentina, one of the Ten Terrors. They go to the Serpent Dimension to fight her, after which they split up into two groups to look for her; Xander and Madison on one team, and Charlie and Daggeron on the other. As they search, Xander and Madison are beset upon by a group of snakes. They are then attacked by Serpentina who, taking her giant snake form, swallows them whole. Serpentina soon attacks and swallows Charlie and Daggeron as well.

Afterwards, Serpentina battles Nick and Vida, the two remaining Rangers, and Nick unleashes a powerful attack, causing Serpentina to release Xander and the others. Serpentina then becomes giant and the Rangers finish her off with the Manticore Megazord.