The Witch, aka Evil Lady (as deemed by Red), is a character from the American animated TV series, 2 Stupid Dogs. She appears in only one episode and serves as an antagonist. She is based on the witch from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

​Characters ConsumedEdit


In the episode Red Strikes Back the Witch appears after Red, Big Dog, and Little Dog mistakenly pass over Red's grandmother's house and arrive at the Witch's house instead. The Witch was apparently expecting Hansel and Gretel, but takes Red in their place, planning to fatten her up and then eat her. The witch conjures a large table of food for Red to eat and chases off Big Dog and Little Dog who try to eat the food themselves. While Red eats the food given to her, the Witch eagerly bites off Red's hair and hood. Red angrily takes them back and kicks the Witch in the shin. Angered, the witch traps Red in a cage and summons Big Dog and Little Dog to continuously feed her (apparently for two years and eight months). Once Red has been fattened up, the Witch conjures a cannon to fire her into the air. The Witch then transforms herself into a frog and swallows Red whole as she lands in her mouth. The Witch changes back, but is still hungry and thus turns her attention to Big Dog and Little Dog, intending to eat them as well. Little Dog fearfully states that they only wanted some canned cheese. This prompts the Witch to spray a dab of canned cheese on their heads, after which she swallows them as well. The episode then ends, apparently with the Witch victorious in devouring the three of them.

​Method of ConsumptionEdit

The Witch orally consumes her victims whole. It is possible that the Witch can do this in many ways, but only one method is ever shown. Using her magic powers, which she also uses to conjure food to fatten up her prey, she can fire her victims out of a cannon and then transform herself into a frog so she can swallow them whole as they fall into her mouth.



"Welcome, my skinny little child. Let me whip up something to fatten you up."

"I know how to whip you into shape, little girl. A nice plump shape."

"It's dinner time." (said right before eating Red)

"I'm still hungry." (said after eating Red and then planning to eat Big Dog and Little Dog)


  • Since the act occurs offscreen, it is uknown exactly how the Witch swallowed Big Dog and Little Dog. It is possible that she turned into a frog or took some other form, or she could have swallowed them in her human form.