Son Gohan (孫悟飯) is a character from the Japanese manga and anime series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. He is the half-Saiyan son of Son Goku and Chi-Chi, and the brother of Son Goten.

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During the Majin Buu story arc, Son Gohan undergoes training so that he may become strong enough to defeat Majin Buu. Once his true power is unlocked, he comes to the aid of Goten and Trunks (who had used the fusion dance to fuse into Gotenks) and Piccolo who have been battling Majin Buu. He then fights and easily overpowers Buu. Seeing that he is outmatched, Buu goads Goten and Trunks into fusing back into Gotenks. Goten and Trunks oblige Buu's request and turn back into Gotenks, but it turns out to be a trap as Buu uses two pieces of himself he had broken off to engulf and absorb Gotenks and Piccolo. Having Gotenks' power, he easily overpowers Gohan.

Seeing that his son is in trouble, Son Goku returns from the dead and plans to fuse with Gohan. Goku tosses him a Potara earring, necessary for fusion, but Gohan fails to catch it and searches for it amidst the rubble. Gohan eventually finds it, but at that moment Buu reverts from his Gotenks form as Goten and Trunks defuse inside of him. Goku believes there is no need for him and his son to fuse as Gohan could easily defeat Buu. However, Buu uses a piece of himself that had broken off earlier to sneak up on and engulf Gohan. Once Gohan is completely covered by the blob, he is flung into Buu's body and absorbed.

Shortly afterwards, Goku fuses with the Saiyan Vegeta, becoming Vegito, and easily overpowers Buu. Vegito then allows himself to be absorbed by Buu so that he can rescue Gohan and the others and succeeds in doing so. After being released from Buu's body, Gohan dies when Buu blows up Eath, but is resurrected afterwards and aids in forming the Spirit Bomb that ultimately destroys Buu.

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