Rasbelga (ラスベルガ) is a Synthoid-Beast monster from the Japanese live-action series Juukou B-Fighter. Resembling a carnivorous flower, it was created by the Jamahl Empire to destroy the B-Fighters.

​Characters ConsumedEdit

  • Daisaku Katagiri
  • Mai Takatori


In episode 38 of Juukou B-Fighter, Rasbelga is created by the Jamahl Empire from the fictional "Rasbel" flower to destroy the B-Fighters. In its first battle with the B-Fighters, the Rasbelga easily overpowers them with a pollen that it sprays from its mouth, causing them to retreat. In their second battle, Rasbelga uses its pollen once again to weaken the B-Fighters, and then launches vines from its mouth to ensnare Daisaku Katagiri. Rasbelga then pulls Daisaku into its mouth and swallows him whole. Rasbelga then ensnares Mai Takatori, pulls her into its mouth, and swallows her as well.

Rasbelga continues to battle Takuya Kai, the one remaining B-Fighter, and Professor Mukai who, with the help of his old girlfriend, discover a fruit that Rasbelga is weak to. Mukai manages fire a powder made from the fruit into Rasbelga's mouth, causing it to spit out Daisaku and Mai. Rasbelga is then destroyed by the combined strength of the B-Fighters.

​Method of ConsumptionEdit

In order to consume its prey, Rasbelga would fire vines from its large mouth to ensnare its victims. Rasbelga would then pull its victims into its mouth and swallow them whole. Its victim would then presumably be digested when falling into the pool of gastric acids within its stomach. However, Daisaku and Mai, the only two characters it consumed, avoided this fate by grabbing onto a vine suspended above its stomach acids.


  • Rasbelga served as the basis for Venus Claptrap from Big Bad Beetleborgs