Otome Hanabusa (華房 乙女) is a character from the Japanese manga series Karakasa no Saien.

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Otome Hanabusa is a mentally disturbed girl who has an obsessive need to dissect anything that piques her interest. She is also obsessively in love with the main character, Rokusuke Ibusuki.

In the final story arc of the series, Rokusuke attempts to get out of his contract for working at inn by sacrificing Otome to the inn's owner, the goddess Marie Hankinton. To that end, Otome is drugged and rendered unconscious during the ritual. Rokusuke backs out at the last minute, but Marie still insists on going through with the sacrifice and swallows Otome whole.

Otome later awakens and cuts her way out of Marie's stomach.

Marie Eating Otome 1

Otome being eaten by Marie

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