Nick Russell (also known by his true name Bowen) is the main character from the American live action series Power Rangers Mystic Force and the leader of the Power Rangers, serving as the Red Ranger.

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In episode 3 of Power Rangers Mystic Force Mucor was summoned by Morticon to destroy the Rangers, he was enlarged and sent to the surface world by Koragg. Once on the surface world, Necrolai fed him the captured Red, Green, and Blue Rangers. The Yellow and Pink Rangers soon came to their friend's rescue. The Pink Ranger used her Mystic Wings and Fairy Dust to cause Mucor to sneeze out the captured Rangers. Yellow Ranger then used his Magi Staff Crossbow to fire lasers at the beast. However, Mucor wasn't finished yet and began to attack the Rangers. The Rangers then were able to morph into their Mystic Titan Forms, and by working together, they destroyed Mucor with the Sprite's Mystic Ball Attack.


  • Nick's Magiranger counterpart is Kai Ozu