Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル) is one of the two main characters from the Japanese manga and anime series Fairy Tail.

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Natsu is a mage from the Fairy Tail guild and is able to use fire dragon magic.

During the Tower of Heaven arc, Natsu and his comrades storm the eponymous Tower of Heaven to rescue their friend Erza. As Natsu ascends the tower, he encounters Fukuro, a strange man or creature with the body of a man and head of an owl. Fukuro opposes Natsu and the two fight. Natsu and Fukuro appear evenly matched until Fukuro launches his missiles at Natsu. The missiles catch Natsu and spin him about, giving him motion sickness. Natsu is then dropped from the missiles and Fukuro rushes towards him as he falls to ground. Fukuro opens his mouth wide and swallows Natsu whole, intending to digest him and absorb his magic.

Natsu is later released from Fukuro's stomach after his comrade, Gray Fullbuster, challenges and defeats Fukuro, causing him to spit Natsu out.

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