Ms. Sara Bellum is a character from the American animated TV Show The Powerpuff Girls . She is The Mayor's assistant.

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In Season 2, Episode 8b of The Powerpuff Girls, the City of Townsville comes under attack by BEEBO, an artificial lifeform created by Professor Utonium as a pet for the Powerpuff Girls. During the destruction, The Mayor calls the girls, presumably to inform them that the town is under attack, but instead he comically says that he is doing "just great". Outraged by his incompetence, Ms. Bellum yells at him saying that the city is under attack. BEEBO then tears the roof off of Townsville Hall, causing Ms. Bellum and The Mayor to scream in terror, which alerts the Powerpuff Girls to the danger. BEEBO then grabs Ms. Bellum and The Mayor and swallows them just as the Powerpuff Girls arrive.

Shortly afterwards, BEEBO eats Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles as well. He then clutches his stomach in pain and explodes, freeing Ms. Bellum and all the others he had devoured. This also results in hundreds of small BEEBOs falling from the sky. The citizens of Townsville grab them, wanting them as pets, but Professor Utonium arrives and warns them that BEEBO must be fed only once.