Mita is a character from the Japanese manga and anime series Buso Renkin . Formerly a school professor, he was changed into a man-eating homunculus and is the first enemy that Kazuki Muto faces.

​Characters ConsumedEdit


Prior to the start of the series, Mita, in his homunculus form, hunts down a seemingly defenseless Tokiko Tsumura, but is interrupted by Kazuki Muto. Mita nearly kills Kazuki, but he survives and Mita, in his human form, sees him the next day at school. Wanting to confront him alone, Mita forces Kazuki to serve an after-school punishment. After Kazuki has done so, Mita confronts him, transforms into his homunculus form, and chases him down. As Mita chases Kazuki, Mahiro Muto, Kazuki's sister, arrives having wanted to check on her brother. Though Kazuki tells her to run, Mita, having burrowed underground, emerges and swallows Mahiro whole.

The events that follow differ between the manga and anime. In the manga, Mita easily fends off an enraged Kazuki, saying that his attacks are useless, but Kazuki continues to fight. Just as Kazuki awakens his alchemical powers, Mita lunges down and swallows him whole. Almost immediately afterwards, Kazuki bursts free from Mita's body with a giant lance and with Mahiro in tow. Mita is then finished off by Tokiko.

In the anime, Mita fends off the enraged Kazuki, but he does not consume Kazuki and Kazuki does not awaken his powers. Instead, Tokiko arrives on the scene and Mita is easily destroyed by her. Thus, Mahiro is freed from Mita's stomach.

​Method of ConsumptionEdit

As a homunculus, Mita can transform into a giant cobra-like creature. In this form, he hunts down and orally ingests his prey whole, after which they are presumably digested inside of him.