Mine (マイン) is a character from the Japanese manga and anime series Akame ga Kill! She is a supporting character and member of the group Night Raid.

​Consumed ByEdit

  • Kaiser Frog


In chapter 31 of the Akame ga Kill! manga and episode 16 of the anime, Mine is ambushed by Kurome, a member of the Jaegars, a police squad made to combat Night Raid, and Kaiser Frog, a large "Danger Beast" under Kurome's control. Mine is grabbed by the frog's tongue and pulled into its mouth. Mine is taunted by Kurome, but defiantly says that she won't die. Mine is then swallowed whole by the Kaiser Frog.

Mine later blasts her way out of the Kaiser Frog's stomach with her gun, claiming that it was the worst experience of her life.