Majin Buu (魔人ブウ) is a character from the Japanese manga and anime series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. He is the primary antagonist of the Majin Buu story arc.

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Majin Buu has very evil yet child-like mentality and yearns only for destruction. He also has a large appetite, which he sates by transforming other beings into food and eating them. When faced with powerful opponents, he takes great pleasure in battling them and ultimately defeating them. However, when faced with an opponent stronger than him, he will absorb his opponent or another fighter that will substantially increase his strength. He greatly enjoys absorbing other beings as he increases his own power.

History Edit

Millions of years prior to the events of the Dragon Ball series, Majin Buu was created by the evil wizard Bibidi and spread destruction throughout the universe. During his destruction, he battled the Supreme Kais (or Kaio-shins); god-like entities who protect the universe. After defeating the South Supreme Kai, he absorbed him, gaining a larger more muscular form. He then battled and absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai, gaining his "Fat Buu" form. Some time afterwards, Bibidi seals Buu in a ball due to his disobedient behavior. The sealed Buu is sent to Earth, but the East Supreme Kai kills Bibidi before he can release Buu again.

Millions of years later, Bibidi's son Babidi goes to Earth releases Buu once again, thus initiating the events of the Majin Buu arc. Buu begins to rampage across Earth and eventually kills Babidi. However, Buu later befriends Mr. Satan and grows to care for a puppy named Bee. After Bee and Mr. Satan are nearly killed by two gunmen, Buu becomes furious and splits into his good and evil halves. The two battle it out, but Buu's evil half wins. The evil "Thin Buu" turns the good "Fat Buu" into chocolate and eats him, absorbing him into his body. This results in "Thin Buu" changing into the muscular "Super Buu".

Buu later battles with Gotenks (the fusion of the half-Saiyans Goten and Trunks) and then, after Goten and Trunks defuse, battles the half-Saiyan Gohan who completely outmatches him. In response, Buu goads Goten and Trunks into fusing again. However, it turns out to be a trap as Buu had broke off parts of himself to sneak up on and absorb Gotenks as well as the Namekian Piccolo. The two are absorbed into Buu's body and he changes into his Gotenks form.

Buu then battle Gohan and quickly gains the upper hand. The newly-revived Saiyan Goku then arrives attempting to fuse with Gohan. However, since Gotenks' fusion was only temporary, Buu reverts from his Gotenks form to his Piccolo form and loses a great amount of power. However, using another part of him that had broken off, Buu uses it to sneak up on and capture Gohan, absorbing him as well. This results in his Gohan form.

The Saiyan Vegeta then arrives and fuses with Goku, resulting in the fused warrior Vegito. Vegito easily outclasses him and Buu attempts to absorb him as well. Buu manages to cover Vegito and pull him into his body like the others, but Vegito actually intended Buu to absorb him and put up an energy field so he wouldn't be absorbed like the others. After being sucked into Buu's body, Vegito defuses back into Goku and Vegeta who search Buu's body for their absorbed comrades. They find them in Buu's head, trapped in spherical cocoons, and free them from Buu's body. They also find the absorbed "Fat Buu" and break him loose from his cocoon, but do not take him out of Buu's body.

Later, when Goku and Vegeta battle the resulting "Kid Buu", "Fat Buu" manages to escape Buu's body as well. Goku then conjures a giant Spirit Bomb and destroys Majin Buu once and for all.

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Majin Buu is able to break off parts of himself that are capable of independent movement separate from his main body. Using these broken parts, which have a gooey liquid-like consistency, he can engulf his victims as the goo stretches out and covers their bodies. Once his victims are completely engulfed, the body parts fly back towards Majin Buu and they and the victims inside merge with his body. His victims are then shrunken down and encased in cocoons inside his head where he draws power from them. After absorbing his victims, he inherits many of their traits, including power, abilities, physical appearance (including clothes), intelligence, and even personality. Presumably, overtime, his victims are eventually completely dissolved and integrated into his body as there was no trace of the South Supreme Kai or Grand Supreme Kai (who had been absorbed by Buu millions of years prior to the events of the Majin Buu arc) when Goku and Vegeta explored his body.

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  • Majin Buu also has an ability called the Chocolate Beam by which he fires a beam from the antenna on his head and transforms his victims into food (or any other item he might want), after which he usually consumes them. However, since he tends to chew his victims who have been transformed in this manner (with the exception of Good Buu who was absorbed into his body) this does not meet the definition of "swallowed whole".