Leonardo is a character from the American animated action series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is the leader of the four brothers.

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In the episode Buried Secrets Leo goes down to the basement, and sees Donatello standing perfectly fine in front of the computer screens. Thinking he had seen April's Mom come in here, Leo asks the purple-banded genius whether he has seen her or not, to which the turtle quickly denies. Leo is hesitant to accept that denial, especially when he notices the broken laptop lying on the floor. Knowing that Donnie would never willingly do that to technology, Leo quickly makes up the excuse that he was mistaken and turns to leave, when Donnie suddenly sprouts Kraang-like arms and begins to attack. Pushing himself to escape, Leo heads for the stairs, but his injuries severely slow him down, and a broken step allows him to be absorbed by the creature. Up in the living room, watching a Halloween show, Raphael hears Leo's screams and immediately rushes downstairs to aid his brother from what seems to have been a tough fight.

While panting, Leo quickly explains to Raph that Mikey was right, and that April's Mom really was some alien being. Believing his brother, Raphael tugs out his sais, and asks where the creature is. Leo responds 'here', signifying that Mrs. O'Neil has somehow morphed into him and had done the same with Mikey and Donnie. Fighting for survival against a now Kraang-like 'Leo', Raphael manages to cut himself free from his false brother's Kraang-like arms and escapes by using a smoke bomb to disappear. When the Mom-Thing takes full form, Leo and his brothers’ faces appear on her body. However, April is able to save the Turtles and Casey Jones using her psychic power to destroy the creature.