Lamia is a character from the Japanese manga series S Rare Soubi no Niau Kanojo. She is an antagonistic character who was brought to life from the mobile phone game Encircled Grimzelia. True to her name, she is a Lamia, or half-woman half-snake.

Characters ConsumedEdit


After learning of Yuki Ea's ability to summon items from the mobile game, Lamia plans to capture her and exploit her ability. Disguised as a normal woman, Lamia approaches Ea, Yurina, and Daigo and asks for Ea. After Ea identifies herself, Lamia changes to her true form and ensnares Ea with her tail. After sapping her strength, Lamia pushes Ea into her predatory mouth and swallows her whole. Lamia attempts to leave, but is stopped by Yurina who wants to get Ea back. Yurina attacks Lamia, but she easily brushes it off and threatens to eat Yurina as well.

Lamia quickly defeats Yurina by piercing her body with her tail and then sapping her strength. She then feeds Yurina into her body as she had done with Ea. Inside Lamia's stomach, Yurina attempts to free herself and Ea, but Lamia stops her by activating several sharp appendages that spring forth from her stomach and pierce Yurina's body, rapidly depleting her strength and digesting her. Before Yurina succumbs, however, Lamia is attacked by Haruka, an ally of Daigo and Yurina, and the blow knocks Yurina out of Lamia's stomach.

Lamia then has a fierce battle with Haruka, from which she ultimately emerges victorious. With no one left to oppose her, Lamia leaves with Ea still inside her stomach. Lamia later releases Ea and then forces her to summon items from the mobile game.

Method of ConsumptionEdit

Lamia has a large predatory mouth located at the front of her body where her snake half begins. After weakening her victims, she then feeds them into her mouth and swallows them whole into her snake half. If need be, she can rapidly digest her victims by activating several pointed appendages that protrude from her stomach walls that then pierce her victims and inject digestive acids.