Kazuki Muto is the main character of the manga and anime series Buso Renkin . He is a teenage boy who becomes gifted with alchemical powers and must fight against man-eating homunculi.

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Prior to the start of the series, Kazuki attempts to rescue a seemingly defenseless Tokiko Tsumura from Mita, a homunculus. Kazuki is nearly killed and remembers the events only as a dream. The following day, his first day at his new school, he runs into Mita who is a professor at his school, and is forced to serve an after-school punishment. After Kazuki has served his punishment, he is confronted by Mita who transforms into his homunculus form, and chases him down. As Kazuki runs, he bumps into, Mahiro, his sister, who had gone to check on him. Though Kazuki tells her to run, Mita, having burrowed underground, emerges and swallows Mahiro whole. An enraged Kazuki attacks Mita, but the homunculus easily fends him off. Memories from the previous night emerge in his mind, and Kazuki realizes he must awaken his alchemical powers. Just as Kazuki does so, Mita lunges down and swallows him whole.

Almost immediately afterwards, Kazuki bursts free from Mita's body with a giant lance and with Mahiro in tow, freeing both of them. Tokiko then arrives and finishes Mita off. 


  • Kazuki is not consumed by Mita in the anime adaptation as he does not activate his powers during the fight and Tokiko Tsumura arrives in time to destroy Mita and rescue Mahiro