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Juukou B-Fighter
(重甲ビーファイター) is a Japanese live-action tokusatsu series. It is the first part of the two-part B-Fighter series and the fourteenth overall installment in the Metal Hero franchise. It tells the story of the heroic B-Fighters who don suits of insect-like armor to fight against the evil forces of the otherworldly Jamahl Empire. The show was produced by Toei and served as the basis for the first season of Big Bad Beetleborgs.

​Episode 38 "Professor!! The Juukou of Love"Edit


  • Rasbelga


  • Daisaku Katagiri
  • Mai Takatori


The B-Fighters Takuya, Daisaku, and Mai battle against Rasbelga, a monster created from the "Rasbel" flower by the Jamahl Empire. During their second confrontation with the monster, The B-Fighters are weakened by a pollen that Rasbelga sprays from its mouth. Rasbelga then shoots vines from its mouth that wrap around Daisaku. Rasbelga pulls Daisaku into its mouth and swallows him whole. Inside Rasbelga's stomach, Daisaku grabs onto a vine to keep from falling into its stomach acids.

Shortly afterwards, Rasbelga fires its vines at Mai and pulls her into its mouth and swallows her as well. Inside Rasbelga's stomach, Mai also grabs onto a vine to keep from being digested.

Daisaku and Mai were later released when Rasbelga was assaulted by a powder made from a certain fruit that caused it to spit them out. The B-Fighters then combined their strength and destroyed Rasbelga.


  • This episode served as the basis for Episode 20 of Big Bad Beetleborgs