Felicia is a character from the animated feature length film The Great Mouse Detective. She serves as a secondary antagonist to Ratigan.

History Edit

Felicia is a spoiled fat cat owned by Ratigan, who he uses as an executioner whenever anybody upsets him.

During one of the film's songs, Bartholomew, one of Ratigan's henchmen, accidentally calls him a rat so he throws him outside and summons Felicia. Bartholomew is heavily drunk, so he doesn't notice her walking up behind him. She catches him and eats him. This is seen via a silhouette, and Bartholomew does not survive.

After Fidget tells Ratigan that he lost the list he gave him, thus giving Basil a way to track him down, he sends Felicia after him and she tries to eat him. After figuring out that this would be the perfect opportunity to defeat Basil once and for all, he changes his mind and has Felicia spit him out.

At Buckingham Palace, Ratigan forces Hiram to operate the toy Queen, while the real Queen is taken to be fed to Felicia by Fidget, and the viewer is treated to shot of the feline opening her maw in preparation to swallow the queen, from her point of view. The toy Queen declares Ratigan the ruler of all Mousedom, and he announces his tyrannical plans for his new "subjects". Just then, Basil, Dawson, and Olivia save Hiram and the real Queen, pulling her out of Fidget's grasp just before he throws her into Felicia's maw. Fidget loses balance and almost falls into Felicia's mouth instead, but is able to climb back up before Felicia snaps him up. Felicia is then chased away by Toby, who attempts to escape by diving into a pen of guard dogs, which proceed to rip her apart and devour her.

Characters Consumed Edit

  • Bartholomew
  • Fidget (attempted)
  • Queen Mousetoria (attempted)


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Felicia Nom Scenes

Felicia Nom Scenes