Donatello is a character from the American animated action series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is the inventor of the four brothers.

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Donatello has been swallowed whole twice in the series. First, in the season three episode Buried Secrets, Donnie is busy researching through the cryogenic files to learn exactly what happened to Mrs. O'Neil when she was captured by the Kraang. During the middle of his research, Mikey comes in and surprises Don, and then April shows up asking Donnie if she had seen her mother hanging around. Donnie denies seeing her, and Mikey assures April that Mom is probably alright, and he will help her look later if she wants. April immediately shoots down Mikey's offer for assistance, still angry at the orange-masked turtle for what he did before. When April's gone, Donnie finally goes back to work, and discovers a shocking secret about the true nature of Mrs. O'Neil. However, before he can go and inform his brothers of this important discovery. Mrs. O'Neil suddenly shows up, breaks the laptop Donnie was on, and attacks and absorbs Donatello with her Kraang-like arms. His face later appears on her stomach. April O'Neil's psychic power is able to save Casey and the turtles though.

In Race with the Demon, the sixth episode of season three, Casey Jones drives his hot rod out and finds the mutant driver named Speed Demon. After a few maneuvers, Donnie, in the party wagon, is able to pull the mutant driver out of the car. But the driver has returned to being a normal human and Donnie realizes that it was the car that was mutated. The mutant car, calling itself Speed Demon, pulls Donnie inside itself and possesses him, turning him into a frightening and crazy mutant driver. Casey sees the result and informs the others in the party wagon. Leo tells him they need a plan but Casey won't wait. He chases after the car and tries to fight it but it only results in both cars hitting the side rail. Speed Demon, speaking through Donnie, offers Casey a challenge: race him and if he wins, Donnie will be released. But if Casey loses, Casey will give up the hot rod with all the tech and become the new driver for the car. Casey agrees and the race is on.

The others watch and figure out what they can do while Casey and Speed Demon are fairly evenly matched, but Casey uses the tricks Donnie put on the hot rod to confuse the mutant car. Casey puts the car on auto pilot, leaving the chicken in charge and jumps out to fight the demonic looking Donnie. At last, Casey is able to pull Donnie free and he returns to normal. Speed Demon attempts to swallow Casey but Donnie takes him on and puts his bo staff in the car's mouth. This slows him up, but the staff breaks and the car attempts to swallow both until the party wagon appears and slams into the car, sending it flying off the cliff and exploding.