Daisaku Katagiri (片霧 大作) is a character from the Japanese live-action series Juukou B-Fighter. He is a member of the B-Fighters, serving as G-Stag.

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In episode 38 of Juukou B-Fighter, Daisaku and his comrades Takuya and Mai battle against Rasbelga, a monster created by the Jamahl Empire. During their second confrontation with the monster, Daisaku and the others are weakened by a pollen that Rasbelga sprays from its mouth. Daisaku is then grabbed by vines that the monster launches from its mouth and is pulled towards it. Daisaku tries to resist, but he is ultimately pulled into Rasbelga's mouth and swallowed whole. Inside Rasbelga's stomach, Daisaku grabs onto another vine to keep from falling into the monster's stomach acids.

Shortly afterwards, Rasbelga swallows Mai as well and she joins Daisaku in holding onto the vine for dear life. Some time later, Daisaku and Mai are released from Rasbelga's stomach when it is assaulted by a powder made from a certain fruit that causes it to spit them out. Daisaku and the others then combine their strength to destroy Rasbelga.


  • Daisaku's Big Bad Beetleborgs counterpart is Roland Williams