Alma Elma is a character from the Japanese erotic light novel series Monster Girl Quest. She is a female Succubus and one of the Four Heavenly Knights. She is normally seen teasing Luka, but on one occasion, she swallows him with her tail.

Characters Consumed Edit

  • Luka

History Edit

Alma Elma appears as a major antagonist in Monster Girl Quest, where Luka travels with the Monster Lord Alice. There is a part where she tells him she will beat him without using her arms or legs, and swallows him with her mouth-like tail instead. The experience was strangely soothing for Luka, reminding him being in his mother's womb.

Method of Consumption Edit

Alma Elma uses her tail to forcibly rape her opponents, but sometimes she can swallow her prey whole with her tail, although this is a pleasing experience for the prey, since she is a Monster Girl. She can also use this to transform her prey into another Succubus, which can rape another man.